Thursday, December 26, 2013

An AED Save: A Very Special Christmas


Text from DPD Facebook post just now (12-26-13; 6:40 pm):

Today Officer Tedesco responded to the Anytime Fitness located in the Kroger shopping plaza on Chamblee Dunwoody Rd at 285 in reference to a medical call. Upon his arrival the victim involved was unconscious, not breathing, and CPR was in progress by the staff members. Officer Tedesco deployed his AED and shocked the victim twice at which time a pulse was regained and the victim began breathing. The victim was then transported to St. Joseph’s and at last check (1700 hrs) he was listed in stable condition in the ICU unit. GREAT JOB by Officer Tedesco and the staff members of Anytime Fitness who went into action to saved a life!!

4490 Chamblee Dunwoody Road

Atlanta, GA 30338

What is just as important as having the AED is the on site training that the the Staff of Workout Anytime had
Without the immediate action of the staff. preforming CPR, the AED may have arrived too late
Congratulation and thanks to everyone involve.  You made this a very special Christmas Holiday.


James Nolan Tola said...

Beautiful example of being our "brother's keeper". What a gift not only to the gentleman in need, yet also to his family and friends!

Eric said...

Great job! Once again the wisdom and efforts put forth by you and others to get the AED's in each patrol car is shown.

Steve Barton said...

Great news of the kind you always want to hear. "Well done" to all responsible. Pop it up!

Lori Davila said...

That is such amazing, wonderful news!!!

Jack B. Nimble said...

Just incredible to read. Wonderful job by Officer Tedesco. Thank you, Bob, for making this possible.

GaryRayBetz said...

Thanks Officer Tedesco for your courage and poise in this stressful and formidable situation, and Robert for doing so much in making ready access to the AEDs possible.